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Visualise your data

Humans are adept at pattern recognition, it’s one of our primal attributes that has gotten us to where we are today. Collective Social Intelligence recognises the importance of being able to represent complex datasets as a visual image to help identify hidden aspects, glaring issues or previously unknown attributes.


Our research over the last 16 years irrefutably supports our findings that decision making happens 40% faster when it is visualised, which is why we propose to create bespoke content and experiences for each CSI customer. We specialise in engaging organisations in new ways of visualising, strategising and decision making to assist them in understanding the possibilities for their business and their customers.


The CollaborationHub™ relies on cloud hosted database for non-local or local group collaborations across an organisation’s networks. Database information is uploaded to our cloud based GUI for web access.


We also build collaboration spaces and can design and install your next collaboration space. CSI can design, install & commission our own turn key collaboration systems for a single room or an entire building. The ability to scale up or down to suit your project(s) within your timeline & budget are what we do best.

The benefits

Visualisation has many direct and indirect benefits from the representation of your data pictorially, rather than columns & rows of numbers on a spreadsheet. Ambiguity of language can often hinder the explanation of abstracts stemming from the datasets without visualisation. Attributes can be assigned to data points and can be given differing color, shape, size etc. to help arrive at decision milestones up to 40% faster without visualisation techniques.

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CSI collaborationhub™

*Supplied data is conceptual only

The CollaborationHub™ software developed by CSI is essentially a cloud based web interface for the visualisation of your entire portfolio.

The interface is based on a substantial underlying database containing the relevant information. It also gives people access to cloud based storage of information for sharing & collaboration.

Ultimately the CollaborationHub™ is designed to aid the identification & maintainance of ideas, R&D, healthcare, education and property for investment, development & sales decisions.

Database metrics are put through a sanitisation process and arranged into Effort, Schedule & Cost. Plotted against supplied metadata, these metrics can be rated, colour coded & arranged for immediate visualisation to gauge many facets of decision making.

All projects are instantly identifiable via location, metrics & bespoke categories. Potentially any metric measurable & documented within the database format can be visualised in this way.

csi Collaborationhub™

The CollaborationHub™ has been further developed for display on BYOD mobile devices for away from room access for the authorised users. The mobile app allows all the functionality of the main interface.

Current display developments include the Microsoft Hololens & other Virtual Reality devices.